@ Plato's Planet



Why choose Plato’s Planet

Welcome to the Planet of the 21st century! Learning is not an innovation of this century alone and today’s human intellect is a manifestation of centuries of learning. Plato’s Planet is a platform which will enable learners to acquire skills required to thrive in a complex world where change is constant and learning never stops.


Our mission is to support the student community by engaging, enhancing and encouraging students in pursuing a world of unlimited opportunities by fostering positive & open student-teacher relationship and promoting student peer learning network.


Our Facilities

  • A state-of-the-art technologically advanced facility center using digital learning and multimedia.
  • An E lounge providing a social space, infotainment and relaxation.
  • Career guidance and counseling booth providing avenues for International College Education.

Our Faculty

  • Renowned Educators applying innovative pedagogies and experiential learning

  • Use innovative and collaborative learning methods that integrate the use of supportive technologies, inquiry and problem based approaches and high order skills.

  • Our team shares respectful relationship with students engaging them in progressive learning and linking theory to practicality thereby preparing them to face the challenges of future.


It is a combination of learning through carefully designed worksheets and assignments aided with classroom teaching to actively develop critical thinking & self learning skills in students to help them prepare for a progressive career.

  • Conceptual learning through combination of classroom sessions & Plato’s Worksheet+
  • Revision through Home Assignments +
  • Recall through Plato’s Evaluation.

  • Mock exams
  • Past paper practice
  • Fast track revision