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Public Speaking & Creative Writing Skills that will last a life-time . . .

Why enroll for Plato’s Planet Oratory Program?

  • Public speaking is the # 1 fear most children have. Our goal is to overwhelm the fear of expressing oneself.
  • We encourage students to discover their natural talent and build a sense of accomplishment and confidence in them.
  • We enable students to verbalize thoughts clearly and to connect through visual engagement, voice modulation and positive body language.

Early Starters

Age: 5 - 6 years
Building blocks of speaking, listening, writing, book reading, games, show and tell, story-telling & poetry recitals.

Practicing Orators

Age: 7 - 8 years
Learn to present with confidence and connect with audience. Focus on presentation skills, group conversations and oratory through dramatics, creative writing, elocution and role Plays.

Confident Speakers

Age: 9 & above
Focus on public speaking, different forms and technical aspects of speech and creative writing, videos, dramatics, debates, extempore, role plays, story writing and journalism.