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Robotics Education Program

Prepare your kids for future careers with the world's best ranked Coding Robots & a world class Robotic Curriculum @ AED 299 per month only!

Plato Robotics

  • Learn to code a Robot!
  • Make your own Computer!
  • 3D Print a Drone!
  • Build Smart Cities with Artificial Intelligence!
  • Simulate a trip to Mars!

Visit Plato's Planet for a free Robotics trial class any Friday & view one of the largest collection of Coding STEM Robots in the Middle East! Age 8+.

Leve 1

Construction and assembly of Robots
Application of Sensors
Introduction to programming

Leve 2

Introduction to electronics and circuitry
Advanced robot construction and mechanics
Application based programming

Leve 3

Robot Engineering design tools
Advanced coding with Arduino
Final Project